Mac Repair Services

premiumDotfoil has been an Apple Authorized Service Center since 2007 and has been honored as a “Premium Service Provider” since 2015. This accolade is given to an elite tier of Apple Authorized Service Providers in recognition of their unparalleled commitment to technical excellence and customer service. According to Apple, “Premium Service Providers consistently deliver exceptional repair support and customer experience that meet Apple's exacting standard for high-quality repair and prompt service.”

Repairs in Santa Fe

Bring your AppleCare covered Mac to us and we can repair it right here in our Santa Fe Service Center at no additional charge to you. There's no need to ship it off or drive out of town to get the job done right. We can replace your failing hard drive, LCD screen, motherboard, DVD drive, power supply or any other AppleCare covered hardware failure at no additional cost. Just call us or come by our Santa Fe location for more information.

AppleCare Coverage Registration

Is your AppleCare warranty almost up? If your Mac is less than a year old, we can register your AppleCare coverage which pays for any future repairs you may need in the next 2 years by any Apple Authorized Service Provider worldwide.

Mac One-Stop-Shop

We understand that not every Mac is a new Mac - the longevity of a Mac is one of the best things about them! So if your older Mac has a broken part, needs an upgrade, or just needs some love - bring it to us and give new life to your computer. We have a large selection of new and used parts to choose from, as well as a variety of accessories to protect, restore and speed up your Mac, so it can go on... and on... and on!

Mac Repair Services Santa Fe

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