Electronic Recycling

Believe it or not, electronic waste is growing almost 5% every year. In the U.S. alone, we retire approximately 133,000 computers a day. This means in the next 5 years, over 500 million computers will be thrown into landfill. At Dotfoil, we believe it is our duty to be environmentally proactive. This is why we partnered with Enchantment Electronics Recycling to help keep your old computers out of the dump.

Using the most advanced material handling machinery in the state of New Mexico, Enchantment Electronics Recycling maintains the highest level of environmental excellence. Bring us your old computers, electronics and e-waste and let’s minimize electronic waste together. Items we recycle Include:


Computer Recycling Eldorado at Santa Fe

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Recycling Eldorado at Santa Fe


Printers Recycling White Rock


Stereos Recycling Santa Fe

Cell phones & Pagers

Pagers Eldorado at Santa Fe

And More...